To Being and Us

Phoenix is hot. Triple digit temperatures are here to stay for a few weeks/months. It’s too hot to sit by the pool. Even in the shade.

I traveled to Flagstaff this weekend for a mountain bike race. It was my first race, and I didn’t do as well as I hoped to. But it was a fun ride on perfect trails, and I was covered in dust by the time I finished. I also got a Kindle again last week. I love it. I read books on it. Everyone should have one. I am studying for two information systems certifications—one in IS auditing, another in network administration. This keeps me busy after-hours.

I hiked Camelback last week. I went on an overcast afternoon at sunset but it was still hot. The view was worth it, tho, and I want to do it again. Sunday morning I attended a volunteer day sponsored by the firm to benefit a children’s hospital in Phoenix. That was a lot of fun and I met a lot of my ‘coworkers,’ even though we rarely cross paths during ‘work.’

Today was long. I worked from the office in my favorite corner cube with views of the mountains in the distance and palm trees far below. I enjoy this.

Now I am tired. The idea is to beat the sun up, and get some outdoor exercise before the heat is deadly. Maybe someday I’ll be able to accomplish this.

Good night all…