To Gelato or Not

Another two weeks have passed without a post from yours truly. And what a time it has been. My summer internship got extended another few weeks, so that event somewhat finalizes my summer plans regarding classes. An online class is still a possibility, but, as they say, we’ll wait and see once how things make out.

It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m in Cleveland airport on a one-hour stop between Boston and Phoenix. Monday I flew to New Hampshire as part of an executive-shadow program sponsored by sponsors of the business college. The CEO I was paired with runs a short-run mid-size hi-tech manufacturing plant just inside of New Hampshire near the city of Manchester. They build injection molded parts and assemblies for use mostly in the medical industry. Some parts were actually human body parts such as spine inserts, chemo ports, etc. Instead of just shadowing the president, I got to shadow the entire company by spending time with all each of the top managers and sitting in half a dozen meetings with toolmakers, IT techs, consultants, salespeople, floor managers, etc. I worked beside assembly people and even got to run a injection molding press for an hour. I was very impressed with the level of energy as a result of recently implemented lean manufacturing processes. Lean has become a buzzword in industry but those who actually think creatively and motivate their teams are rewarded. Once again, I’m thankful to the people who sponsor me on these trips; they really are helpful and give me valuable insight into the way different companies and individuals operate.

And that’s about it for news. Another busy week is ahead. It’s time to find a place to live in Phoenix for the summer, and my internship just got extended, so it looks like I’ll be spending a good share of my summer there.