The Indian Summer is coming to an end in Flagstaff, the trees have lost most of their leaves, and snow has touched the higher parts of town. In Phoenix, unconditioned air is pleasant again, the sun not quite as hostile.

Life goes on. Exams have come and gone. Next semester’s enrollment has slid by without incident. I am ready for winter, ready for the next big thing to come my way. It’s been a little while since I’ve had anything even remotely resembling what some people call drama. Maybe too long.

I’ve been making weekly trips to Phoenix for the past 6 weeks or so, and this week was no exception. Last Sunday I drove down and hung out with Roan most of the day, then on Friday I drove down again with some accounting students for an office tour of a big 4 accounting firm. We sat in a big glass conference room with a 14th floor view of Phoenix for presentations and a catered lunch. All of the main accounting firms in Phoenix have very nice offices. We drove back to Flagstaff in the afternoon and I tackled the homework for a few hours in the evening.

On Saturday, Roan drove to Flagstaff and rented a mountain bike and we spent the day biking around in the mountains. It’ll probably be the last chance we get for awhile as we were riding in quite a bit of snow for 8 of the 18 miles ridden. We went out for dinner in the evening. Sunday (today) was a catchup day of sorts; I went to the early morning church service for a change, then puttered around the house taking care of cleaning and laundry. The afternoon was spent doing homework. Now I just finished off a turkey and cranberry walnut stuffing sandwich from Wildflower—definitely one of my favorite sandwiches from them. A caramel macchiato is in my immediate future because there’s a paper I need to type up tonight at the library, and such a task goes so much smoother with a little espresso and sugar.

Thursday I am flying to Omaha to meet with Warren Buffett as part of a group of business students, so that will definitely be exciting. The next week is Thanksgiving…and plans are still not made, which kind of means they are. I’ll probably be staying in Arizona, not sure whether in Flagstaff or Phoenix, tho. At this point I don’t really care. I have a paper to write and it’s getting late.