Vacation is Here

Vacation is finally here, although it doesn’t feel like it. Wednesday I found out on very short notice that I needed to move out of my dorm into another apartment. I’ll repeat the story again after relating it on Youtube, Facebook, and email for those who may not have heard it through one of the other media. Tuesday was the day of my final exams, and after completing those I had a good game of disc golf with Mike and Davis, or maybe it was James and Davis, I can’t remember. I called Reslife, who is in charge of campus housing and asked if I could move into my apartment early, like maybe as soon as Wednesday early. They told me no, that I couldn’t move before August 20, so with that in mind I spent a very leisurely day Wednesday, walking around town and reading at the library. At 6 I attempted to go back to my room, but was locked out of the dorm by my ID card, which normally opens the door for me. After a little research I found that I was technically checked out of my dorm and checked in to my apartment, so without further adieu—that is, after I fortified with a large pot of pasta and tofu because I knew I was in for a long night—I began packing stuff up to move. Piling was probably a better word. I explored around my new apartment in the dark, but there was no way to get close with my car. Luckily someone had abandoned a Safeway shopping cart outside my room door.

Usually I am upset that kids push shopping carts into the hallways; Target, Walmart, Safeway, Bed Bath and Beyond, they’ve all been in the halls, but that night I was quite grateful for it. I managed to fit my belongings in five shopping cart loads and simply pushed the cart down the street to my new apartment. In three hours I had my entire dorm moved over and piled in the middle of my new bedroom, which is pretty much where it stayed until I figured out what to do with it all. So now I live in McKay Village in a real apartment again after spending summer in a tiny dorm with a roommate who had the inverse sleeping schedule of me. He went to bed around 4 am and stayed there until early-mid afternoon, which caused me a bit of stress sometimes with my job and class combination. I invited him over for enchiladas tonight and we played a couple games of pool afterward, so I guess we still get along, although, yeah, there were a few issues that could have flared up had we lived together much longer.

The enchiladas. Pretty proud of them. They were my first baking project, first time using an oven—lots of firsts. Anyone can make enchiladas, but these were super-enchiladas, meaning no dairy or meat products. Well, I did use ¼ cup of shredded cheese to sprinkle over the entire batch, like about 10 hairs of cheese per enchilada. Yeah, tofu is nasty to cook, but so is meat. At least for me; I figured I could just as easily learn to cook meat-free as using meat because I have absolutely no experience with either. I scanned dozens of recipes on the internet before I found the one that promised to be tasty and didn’t look too daunting to assemble. To briefly summarize, they were filled with a bean/corn/zucchini/chili pepper mixture with a sauce made of tomatoes and soft Silken tofu. The result actually looked and tasted remarkably like meaty enchiladas smothered in melted cheese and sour cream, but without the nasties that follow such a meal. Today I managed to get the room put away, more or less, and plan to do a leisurely Sedona art gallery tour tomorrow to officially ring in summer vacation before heading to Pennsylvania for a few days. I have a few unrealistic wishes for tomorrow, one being that traffic in Sedona is light, and the second that I could find some really nice art for really cheap to fill some of my big white walls. Low expectations on both of these points guarantee that I’ll have a great time, even if I have to spend it sitting in my car fuming about why so many people need to come to Sedona and why everything is so expensive.