Watt Wars

I’ve been busy and blog updates have slipped into the background. Funny how social networking and blogging have dropped off after starting full-time work. Not sure what this means; I’ll leave the deeper meaning, if any, for the reader. In short, I’m not posting as frequently as I once did.

I still like the area, although I’m becoming less enamored of bouts with traffic as constants in any transportation plan. When the mood is right I can still wax romantic about patterns created by ten lanes of brake lights snaking over hills; more and more, though, I view these reflections as fleeting remnants of my time in the wide open west instead of evidence beyond any doubt that civilization is here. Of late these evenings are simply dreary commutes.

Due to the nature of my work I can’t write or talk about much beyond the fact that I still enjoy it and things are going well.

Users of my book site may have noticed a few changes, but don’t be alarmed. I’ve started using a Raspberry Pi (see here for more info) as a web server for this site, with plans to migrate the entire site if it continues to function. This allows me to unplug my old server, which impacts my monthly electric bill, and use the Raspberry instead, which only costs pennies a year to run continuously. The server is little more than a cell phone chip with a network port. The geek factor here is fairly impressive.