Week 12

This semester is almost over. A few more exams and assignments and then I’m out of here -for a few weeks at least.

The week began with the first snow of the year. It quickly melted and most of the week was in the 50s and 60s. Friday the temperature made it up to 70. There’s no precipitation in the forecast which is pretty normal. Rain usually comes from thunderstorms, as did the last snow. Merv shipped me a new fork for my bike so I switched that over and then rode up the mountain a little ways. The weather was perfect and I found yet another awesome bike trail, this one winding through refrigerator size boulders.

Saturday I hiked up to the top of Mt. Humphreys. The skies were clear and blue, the temperature was moderate, and hiking was good. There was snow in the shade, but not enough to make hiking difficult. I made it to the top at 12,630 ft and had awesome views all around. I could see Grand Canyon and way beyond. I didn’t get down in time and had to hike the last hour in the dark. Luckily I had a headlamp along. That was pretty much all I did all day; after I got back and ate and unpacked, I was tired and ready for bed.