Week 13

Week 13 of the semester is almost past. The weeks share busyness, but beyond that have little in common. Since it’s been a few weeks since I have given a day by day breakdown maybe it could provide some content for this post.

Monday I don’t remember and Outlook is vague beyond the normal classes, and the evening Habitat meeting that I routinely ignore. I know that I went for a quick ride on trails close to campus after classes were over in the evening. Weather this week has been alternating between 70 degree days and the blizzard we had Tuesday morning. People were walking to class in ski goggles, the opposite of flip flops and tank tops the day before; the sprinklers are already turned on and running daily. Tuesday evening I volunteered at an awards banquet in the evening. It was a very fine evening with awards being given to several outstanding students for good grades and community participation. My job was to hand out programs and answer any questions attendees might have. I got an idea of what to expect next week when I will be attending my own awards banquet to formally accept a business scholarship I was awarded. After the dinner I went to the LAA meeting where we finalized plans for our booth at Relay for Life on Friday. Then it was over to the library with a Venti Mocha until midnight for a cram session of 4 subjects worth of homework.

Wednesday I found out I am assigned to a different dorm for next semester. My roommate requests haven’t gone through yet, but hopefully by move-time that business will be settled. Thursday was another miserable snowy day. Some friends from my days at Scott City stopped by and we split a press of coffee at Macy’s. Friday and Saturday kind of ran together: I went to the Habitat store and worked all afternoon stocking the store, helping to load and unload stuff, the normal clean-up and repair of donated items. Immediately after that I went to the Skydome indoor football stadium and helped set up the booth at Relay for Life.

The Relay went from 7pm to 7am the next morning; the goal is to have at least one person from each person walking the track at all times throughout the event. Each group has a booth set up along the track where people buy little trinkets or pay for random privileges. One group had a jail; you could put someone in by making a donation, to get out the person had to raise or pay twice the amount of the donation. Another guy was riding his unicycle around giving people lessons for $1. And there was the toilet you could pay $1 to have delivered to anybody on the field, etc, etc. There were around 1,000 walkers, and the event raised $60,000.

At 9pm I left and went to the Casino Night event next to my dorm in the union building. It’s a fairly large event the university does a few times a semester. Casinos bring in equipment and new dealers, and presumably try to hook college kids on gambling. The most popular games are craps, roulette, blackjack, and poker. All gambling is done with fake money with chips traded for raffle tickets at the end of the night. There are usually great prizes; last time two of my friends won a laptop and a season pass to Snowbowl. I made $6000 from the $500 I started with but still didn’t win any prizes… That deal ended at 2am and then it was back to the Skydome for some more laps. I pledged 50 laps, so I walked 15 of them and ran the last 35 for a total of 12 miles. After the laps I threw Frisbee on the field. The football field looked like a campground with tents and people everywhere. I don’t understand how anyone could have slept.

I thought it seemed a little weird to leave Relay at 7am with the sun high in the sky already, and me no sleep. After a quick shower, I got on my bike and rode across town where I met one of my friends at 8:30 to go for a bike ride in the mountains. It was too nice of a day to waste sleeping with Arizona-blue skies and warm spring temps outside…We went for a 15 mile loop ride and I found some new trails that I want to ride again. Strangely I wasn’t even tired. Maybe the constant activity kept me on edge. We took a little detour and I showed him one of my favorite technical trails, somehow I can never pass those up. The tight twisty ones weaving through pine forest and rock garden.

I got back to the dorm around noon and went to the cafe and had my usual Saturday breakfast of a chicken and green chile and spinach omelet. Those are the best. And I’ve tried many combinations. I also had a slice of cheese pizza thrown in there because of my day’s mileage. Sleep debt was weighing on my mind much like the financial kind; I kept thinking about how I could ever repay. I decided that since next week was chock full again, I would be best off paying it back on this Saturday. So I went to bed and slept an entire two hours before I was ready to get up and go outside again. Volleyball was in full swing in the courtyard, but I did laundry instead, then had a serious craving for a Homewrecker burrito from Moes with guacamole AND sour cream. Since Moes is in many places east but not in Flagstaff, I had to settle for a chicken burrito from the burrito joint in the Union. Few things are as satisfying as a Homewrecker, but the one with green tomatillo came close…

And that’s the week. Congratulations if you made it this far! I staked out a table at the library and plan to hold this position for a few more hours, or as long as it takes to write an 8-pager and do a week’s worth of algebra. ‘Til next time…