Week Awesome

The last two weeks have been perfect. The weather has cooperated and given clear blue skies and highs in the 60s every day. I had a few assignments to do and couldn’t make a chance to get away until Friday afternoon. I rode the bike 15 miles on Friday; nothing too rough, mainly exploring and checking out new trails.

Saturday I rode up to the top of Mt. Elden and back down again. That means starting from my apartment at 6800 feet, riding for 12 miles to 9300 feet, enjoying the view, then coasting back down. I switched it up a bit by doing the route all on trails instead of dirt roads which meant over half of the miles were on extremely technical trails which means I was dead tired when I got home. Two of the trails had the skull and crossbones symbol on my map, apparently meaning death by cliff in the event of a mishap. Those trails were higher up, less ridden, and one was snow covered, swinging the ride rating to the terrifying end of the epic scale. I survived those ok but had two pretty bad wrecks on other trails -the first I’ve had in Flagstaff. I snagged a boulder with my shoulder hard enough to kick me off the bike, and the other time I sat down on the back wheel when landing on the drop side of a big rock. Kinda’ funny but very painful. After getting back home I stretched out in a cushioned booth in the cafeteria and fed myself hamburgers and pizza until I felt better but that didn’t help.

So, I dragged myself back into the apartment, my bike shifter broken from the last crash, and I had an email from the bike club about a cross country ride I needed to help with on Sunday. I missed this week’s meeting, so didn’t hear about it until the last moment. As it turned out, I got up early Sunday, fixed the bike, and did basically the same route as I had done Saturday -two 25’ers back to back thank you. We rode all trails and all of them were very rough. Two of the riders were very good racers with all-carbon superbikes. I was tired again.

I do much more than bike. I spend evening time in the campus gameroom next-door with my roommate where there’s ping-pong, pool, Wii, and new people to meet. Thursday I meet Chinese people for dinner and study. Wednesday is late class and the bike club. Tuesday is LAA meeting. Monday is the entrepreneur club. In between I play volleyball, run, swim, study, and sleep a little. Next week, my roommate promised to teach me how to work out ‘reasonably’ in the weight room at the rec center. I told him I’m not eating protein, bulking up, or getting obsessed, and then dropping everything. I need to know how to loosen up specific muscle groups before and after activities and that’s all for now. Well, I’m getting long and wordy again so I’ll stop right now. Have a good week and thanks for reading!