Whatever It Is

Hello again from sunny and monsoony Flagstaff. Today in Phoenix the temp is 115, in Bullhead City where my former roommate lives, it’s 116. In Flagstaff it’s a comfy 85 with clear skies. It’s the rainy season here, with thunderstorms dumping rain at random intervals, usually one a day. The storms blow over quickly; in the year I’ve been here I have had to go to class in the rain only once or twice, and that was during the summer. I definitely notice the weather more since taking a physical geography class earlier this term.

I’m still toying with the idea of taking an astronomy class this fall. Flagstaff and NAU is well-known for its astronomy program, due in large part to the dark skies in this remote part of the US of A. Astronomy is way over my head, pun intended, and I think I’d enjoy looking through the big-boys’ telescopes up at the observatories on the hills outside of Flagstaff. I already know, I think I do anyway, that I won’t be able to do a little bit of everything, but I’m sure gonna try. Then there are those Grand Canyon rafting and mountain biking classes… When else will I have the opportunity to raft the Grand Canyon at a deep discount price with no waiting or experience required?

I may be taking a flying trip (full of puns today) to Pennsylvania in a week or so. I plan on buying tickets this pm, depending on how my 3:30 job interview goes. The contingency is that I get the job and need to start work right away. I jump at every interview opportunity, whether or not I plan on getting the job. I need to move my job(s) up to top priority, because college costs a lot of money, especially out of state. I am applying for in-state residency this fall, even though I don’t meet all the requirements, I’m hoping that my community service and net worth will officially pull me into AZ. The government pays about $16,000 of in-state resident’s tuition each year.

That’s a rundown on my little life. I sometimes wonder if people actually read my blog because all I ever write about is me. And me isn’t very interesting to others. I haven’t had much chance to enjoy the outdoors this last week; the two jobs I already have and my end-of-term class work keep me quite busy. I still manage to play at least one round of disc golf every week and try to get my two 5-mile runs a week in after the sun sets. Running is very pleasant at night at the track, where the mist from the sprinklers keeps me cool and the surface is soft and forgiving to my feet through flattened out running shoes.

I’m off to class now. I’m kinda wishing I could transfer some of my math grades to English class, where it’s looking like I might not do so well. With a large math class, the pace is slow, and so far I have full scores on all 3 tests and 5 quizzes. I have a review test this weekend and the final exam next Tuesday, then I’m done with math for a few weeks.