Another several weeks of beautiful weather have passed since I’ve mentioned it in this blog. Blue skies and moderate temperatures are the norm and I nearly take it for granted. Rain hasn’t been here since the August monsoons. I had an amazing and action packed weekend, a good way to lose the stress accumulated during midterm exam week. Friday night I went downtown with some friends for food and drinks, truth and lies –just like old times in Pennsylvania.

Saturday was a big day; I had planned to go on a hike, but regretfully canceled it because the furniture store was calling. I got off at 5:30 and bought some groceries for a picnic at 6:30 with 3 other friends from my hall last year. We grilled steaks and veggies and baked potatoes; in all it was a pretty good feast. At 8:00 four friends from Phoenix arrived to pick up my sold car. We hung out for a few hours and walked over to the Union and sat at Starbucks and watched people for a while. I wasn’t able to convince them to stay longer so they left around midnight to drive back down the hill.

Sunday I got up bright and early to go hiking. At the last minute the original gang cancelled, but luckily I found some other people on a few minutes’ notice to go along on a hike up where the aspens were blooming. We did two hikes in the aspen forest, truly spectacular, and then went back to Flag for a game of disc golf to wrap up the day. I drove my Subaru deep into the mountains and out again with no problems. This is a good thing. I’m still very skeptical of its abilities but so far Scooby is performing wonderfully. Eventually I’ll find out why it was so cheap, but it’s not telling any secrets yet.