Winter Break

Merry Christmas! -although in Eastern Time the day’s nearly over. Skies were blue and warm today over PA, a change from yesterday’s freezing rain all day. I’m trying to get caught up on classes so I can have a little vacation before things get crazy again. I signed up for a winter Psychology class thinking it would be easy credit. So far I haven’t been able to get ahead in it; I get up around 9 and read textbook, take tests, and write papers until evening almost every day. Except when I get mental blocks -then I must make another pot of coffee or write a blog article to reset my inspiration.

Of course, the week after I leave, Flagstaff gets 100″ of snow on the mountain. Not all at once, but over about a week’s time. In some ways I wish I was there. Then I could ski, but then I would have to, I guess, umm, ski –meaning the dress-up-and-go-out-in-the-cold kind on real snow with them long things on my feet that insist on going faster than I can and getting tangled up and throwing my face down into the snow. At least I would be doing something and I know I would be glad after it was done because I had did something. I can’t say as much now. I sit in my office all day, eating little, drinking much, and exploring the folds of my brain. In the morning I open the window blinds and at evening I shut them; some days this is as physical as I get with the weather -although one day I did go for a refreshing walk on the rail-trail through the college campus of good ol’ Ship.

We had a fine Christmas celebration with all the kids home except L, which was quite an accomplishment this year. We were only together a few hours last night and A left for his girl’s place in Lebanon and today after lunch I took W & L to the airport to fly to Oklahoma for a few days. It was good but seemed fragmented.

I blame it on the clouds. My psych book says that when people are in dreary weather their metabolism slows down and they sleep a lot. This seems like a good description of me. And for reasons beyond my grasp I’m enjoying it. Never, me thinks, have I been so utterly useless.