Wisdom Fate or Luck

Sometimes I meet people who have amazingly similar tastes as me. My roommate is such a person. On the first day we each bought a new showerhead to replace the pathetic model in our bathroom, without any prior communication on the matter. Our toothbrushes are identical, we both use the same kind of shampoo. It’s eerie because this is old stuff; you can’t buy our model of electric toothbrush anymore and the haircut set is long out of style. We both eat vegetarian and whole food as much as time allows and ban mayo, eggs, and cooking oil. I shop at Whole Foods, he at Trader Joes. We both have the same haircut set, use the exact same flavor of mouthwash, the list goes on and on. I step out of my room sometimes and hear the exact same song playing from his room. Uncanny.