I’m not in Phoenix anymore. It is cold and windy where I am. No, it’s tan and warm and soft and cozy, because I’m sitting in the library. Another late night. Where I try to plug away at my research paper every day this week. At least that is the premise.

Coffee still works for me—this is not always the case at the end of a semester. Although I have resorted to making, in addition to the morning pot, an evening pot to help me sleep. This disturbs me and I know it is not normal. Few things I do are.

A-nother busy week. Relay for Life was last Friday night and I was supposed to stay up all night in memory of cancer patients who faced dark times in their lives. My dark time hit relatively early in the evening, around 11, and I went home and went to bed. Saturday was a full day with work at the furniture store until late afternoon, then a service call to fix a computer at a staff person’s house. I had time for a twilight disc golf game, yet, so jumped in with a foursome from Phoenix for a round at Thorpe Park. Sunday was homework and domestic day, where I stay around the house and clean and do laundry and wash dishes and do all things virtuous in order to postpone homework as long as possible. Thankfully, Daniel called as soon as I was done puttering around and invited me out mountain biking. The trails were mostly open, although there were a few 2-3’ snowdrifts left on the trail, several of which were endoed into when they sucked in my front wheel. Had a good 15 mile ride and finished up at Del Taco, where our muddy countenance had many admirers. I stayed at the library until midnight working on research paper that was due Monday morning. Totally worth it, tho.

I start moving this weekend, can’t believe this school term is almost up. My summer plans are everywhere; I’m scheduled to work and take classes fulltime, but that could change if any of my job applications go through. I’ve applied to places in Harrisburg, Hagerstown, and DC—even a place in Tyson’s Corner. I have an interview next week for the Tyson’s Corner one…wish me luck. One place in Strawberry Square.. It would thrill me to spend the summer working close to home in DC. But then I’d have to leave the awesome Flag summer weather…o, well.

I finally semi-retired my old laptop. It still works great but I wanted something smaller and lighter. My plan is to become a full-time bike commuter effective May 10—this is one of the things I’m doing to lighten up my burden and make this task more pleasant. I bought two of them while I was at it…now I have two extra laptops I’m not using. I’ll probably list them on eBay or something. If you want an ultraportable Dell D430 with 5 hour battery life, send me an email. These things are pretty nice. I also have a great big Linux box that is getting the eyeball for consuming too much space. Moving every few months makes me keenly aware of the cubic inches and pounds of my accumulated possessions.